I often describe my glass fusion work as "painting with glass." My contemporary fusing methods involve stacking or layering sheets of glass, combining transparent and opaque glass to create patterns reminiscent of patchwork quilts. Throughout the process, I use a wet lap grinder and wet saws to refine the glass and create the smoothness of the finished product.

My glass fusion pieces are distinct and vibrant. They are art in the form of displayable yet functional glasswork, such as platters, serving bowls, and sushi sets. I revel in the old-world craftsmanship of glass fusion and the attention to detail it requires, yet find joy in infusing my functional art with a sense of whimsical and expressionistic color.

I make each piece by hand in my home-based San Anselmo studio where I am happy to find that no two pieces of my glasswork are ever alike.

Bullseye Glass Co. Classes (Portland, Oregon & Emeryville, CA)

  • Collected Images and Powder Printing with Stacey Lynn Smith 
  • Cold Working Basics
  • Design for Drop Out Vessels
  • IV Designs Powder Printing 
  • Kiln Formed Pattern Bars
  • Kiln Forming with Rod
  • Kiln Glass for Jewelry and Wearables
  • Painting with Glass